Greetings to all of you!

As we begin the new Liturgical and Calendar year, it is a good time to reflect and evaluate those things that are so important in our spiritual journey. One of those issues is why we exist in the first place. What truly is our mission in this world as Catholic Christians? With that in mind, our staff took some time to reflect upon our mission here at St. Frances Cabrini. As many of you can understand, if we don’t know what are mission is or why we exist, then how will be able to carry out the Divine Mission of Jesus? If I asked anyone in our parish family the question of what is our Mission Statement, how many of us would be able to name it? Thus, after some reflection, we have come up with what I feel is an easy Mission Statement to remember and one that helps to give us focus on why we exist and where we are going. So beginning this week our new Mission Statement is as follows:

We are called to C.A.R.E.

Obviously, this is also an acronym in which CARE stands for various elements of our Mission Statement.

  • C–- stands for Charity
  • A—stands for Accompaniment
  • R—stands for Repentance
  • E—stands for Evangelization

The plan is to explain and follow through on these various elements on a yearly basis. For instance, we will focus on Charity in year 1, Accompaniment in year 2, Repentance in year 3, and Evangelization in year 4. I hope you will be able to take this journey with us and deepen your own faith life as we participate in the Divine Mission that we have been entrusted by Christ. Hopefully, we will be establishing committees for the various elements. If you would like to serve on any of these committees, please contact me through my email address listed on the bulletin. Thank you in advance for serving God and our parish community.


Fr. David