Hernando County Catholic Charity Programs

Catholic Charities of Hernando County helps support the working poor in the county. The programs offered by them or partners will alleviate the condition of impoverished families in Hernando County and the city of Brooksville. As resources allow, the non-profit agency distributes food from a pantry and also offers financial aid. Other assistance from the faith-based charity may be counseling services that can lead to self-sufficiency.

Local Food Pantry

The local food pantry from the non-profit is used to supplement the dietary needs of indigent clients. It relies on community donations, and this is what is used to supply most of the food as well as groceries for the pantry. The organization, using volunteers, also picks up food from regional supermarkets or surplus goods from restaurants. They are then redistributed to the needy.

Not only are those methods used, but the pantry receives goods from the greater state of Florida Food Bank and the charity also purchases fresh produce from a local wholesaler. Furthermore, the Pantry operates a number of seasonal initiatives for children. These include free Easter baskets, backpacks for school, holiday gifts and other items.

What do I need to register?

In order to register for the Hernando County Catholic Charity pantry, new clients must provide proof of need, income and more. They need to have a current utility bill addressed to the head of household as proof that they reside in one of the communities served by the pantry. Proof of income and other documentation is also needed.

Financial Assistance and Homelessness Prevention Program

Emergency support is the name of the agency’s financial assistance and homelessness prevention program. Each year, this helps keep families facing a short term crisis situation off the streets. Monetary aid is available to income-eligible residents of Hernando County for overdue rent payments and utility bills.

The support can also be used for other bills too. Clients of the local churches can also use financial assistance to pay for medications, transportation to a job, and more. The aid from the program is also combined with free budget counseling and information referrals.

Individuals and families facing financial emergencies related to rent payments and/or utility bills can turn to Hernando County Catholic Charities for help. The agency does its best to assist tenants who are at risk of being evicted or losing electricity service. Case managers work individually with the client as well, and this is done in an effort to address the immediate crisis and also help people move toward greater financial stability.

What if Catholic Charities has insufficient funds to help me?

If there are not funds at Catholic Charities, then the staff will refer people to either state of Florida or federal benefits. They can include entitlement services, such as SNAP food stamps. These tend to be for people in or on the verge of poverty, but they can sometimes be an effective solution.

Hernando County Career Closet

Low-income job seekers can acquire professional attire at the Hernando County Career Closet. The purpose is to help people with limited monetary resources to obtain the clothing they need to secure better jobs. Volunteers from the non-profit assist clients in choosing outfits from a wide selection of gently worn attire and accessories.

The range of items at the clothing closet or thrift store is extensive. There may be skirts, dresses, blouses, dress shirts, slacks, suits, ties, khakis, polo shirts, and shoes. These are examples of just some of the items that are available. Local social service agencies and career assistance organizations refer clients to this program. All items in the Career Closet are donated from the community. Donations are accepted as well.

Thrift Store

The thrift store may have other items as well. It can include furniture or special seasonal items around the holidays, such as toys at Christmas. The goods will be gently used but affordable for the general community.

Contact Information

All of the social services are available from the main Catholic Charities center. It is located at 1423 Kass Circle, Spring Hill, Florida 34606, dial (352) 686-9897.